10 November 2012

Going Backwards and Moving Forward

Well I have yet again been slacking on the blogging. Partly because I was just having too much fun finishing my trip up the East Coast of Australia and partly because once said trip was finished I hit quite a wall. I've spent so much time collecting my thoughts, and figuring out my next plan of action, this blog has kind of gotten shoved aside. But I'm here, back now, and ready to report!

The last few bits of my East Coast trip were absolutely amazing. From taking a two day boat trip through the Whitsunday Islands and seeing the most amazing beach in the world, Whitehaven Beach, to finally getting to the top of the East Coast to Cairns, I had an absolute blast. I perfected my Australian tan, I found some amazing friends, and I made some memories that I will never forget.

But alas I am on a Working Holiday, and at some point the holiday part has to end and the working has to commence. For the entire duration of my East Coast trip, I always knew that when I was ready to leave a place, there was a pretty set path laid out for me and I always knew where to go next. But once I got to Cairns all of a sudden I had no idea what to do next. Should I work and finish out my visa in Australia? Should I go straight to New Zealand? I just didn't know! Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately since I am the most indecisive person in the world, my bank account decided for me that I had to find a job if I wanted to be able to fund my trip to New Zealand. But the next question was where in Australia should I go?!

Since I had such an amazing time in Surfers Paradise the first time around, and knew I could easily get my job at the hostel back, I decided the most sensible idea was to head back to Surfers. And so I did. I tried to prepare myself for a different experience than the first, but that was easier said than done. I arrived back to my old hostel to a not as friendly group of people, an overly controlling manager and way to much drama in just a weeks time than I really wanted to deal with. I am, after all, still on Holiday and even though I may need to work I still want to have a good time in the meantime! And on top of all that, there just weren't any jobs to be found in Surfers Paradise. Sometimes you can just tell that something isn't working out, and you just know it's not going to fall into place, and that's the exact feeling I got from Surfers Paradise this time around. So I decided to hell with it, I am going to go to Brisbane.

Brisbane is a big city so there will be a lot more job opportunities and it is a place which I spent very little time in during my travels so I can start somewhere fresh with no expectations. It was never a place that was on my radar, but it's only about two hours from Surfers and seems the most sensible place to go and try to sort work out. I have limited time left which I can work until my visa expires, and I need to make all the money I can before I head to New Zealand. So here you have it, a couple more days time and I will be on my way to Brissy!

This post is, in a nutshell, a very condensed version of what's been going on the past few weeks over here in the Land of Oz. It's been mostly good times, and some tough times, but I am getting through them and still so happy to be in Oz. Hopefully once I get to Brisbane, I can settle down with a job, and have even more exciting stories to tell! So until next time--which will hopefully be much sooner this time around!

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